Hello ! My name is Carlos Ramirez and I am a Software Engineer, Knowledge Management practitioner, and Particle Physics enthusiast. I have been working in the Aerospace and Defense industry for 13+ years and have been a strong believer in Knowledge Management and it’s many benefits in the Enterprise and personal life. I have developed a passion in both practical and theoretical aspects of knowledge management from understanding the tacit knowledge to applying the latest technologies to facilitate knowledge sharing.

This blog is dedicated to the development of my Knowledge Tracks theory. Knowledge Tracks is the application of our understanding of  particle collision signature trails that arise in particle accelerators. Particle Physicists analyze particle collision tracks to identify various known and unknown particles. In the same light, we can apply the same concept and related techniques to try to identify and classify human interactions that arise in the daily life of the knowledge worker. For instance,what are the characteristics (or tracks) of human interactions that lead to successful knowledge transfer?